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Thanks for Stopping By

I am very pleased to welcome you to Kunle Smart Thoughts... majorly on software development.

I am passionately interested in ranting about ways to solve problems. I have been a professional developer for about a decade now and I know that software solution development is not easy to say the least. The world is very dynamic and so is software development.

I started development with pascal, then c, then c++, visual basic, c#, java, etc. Currently I am learning android with the hope to be able to development mobile application one day and write about my discoveries some other time, ultimately.

Meanwhile, I have been a very huge fan of  Microsoft eco-system. I will possibly write more about Microsoft technologies than anything else. Please forgive me. However, I love jquery, angularjs, tdd, etc. You may see all these reflecting in me soonest than later.

Finally, I urge you to visit me once in a week and don't hesitate to tell me your mind either in comments of by sending email directly to me at kunle.smart@hotmail.com.

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate.

Kunle Smart.
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